2019 Banff Pipeline Workshop Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor registration is now open! Show your supposrt forthe pipeline industry and join us at the Banff Pipeline Workshop – April 8 to 11, 2019.

2019 is the 15th Banff Pipeline Workshop, having first been held in 1993!

With the beautiful surroundings and an anticipated 800 participants representing over 50 organizations, the Banff Pipeline Workshop continues to offer a unique opportunity to network and collaborate on common issues faced within the pipeline industry.  

The following group discussion topics are planned for the 2019 Workshop:

  • WG1 – Industry Wide Issues
  • WG2 – Regulatory and Standards Development
  • WG3 – Upstream Pipelines: Inspection, Corrosion, and Integrity Management
  • WG4 – Asset Management
  • WG5 – Management of Cracking Pipelines
  • WG6 – Human Factors
  • WG7 – Risk and Reliability
  • WG8 – Inspection and Monitoring
  • WG9 – External Corrosion
  • WG10 – Internal Corrosion
  • WG11 – Managing Geohazards
  • WG12 – Emergency Preparedness and Response

Workshop Tutorials are being planned for Monday, April 8, 2019.

Why Sponsor?

The Banff Pipeline Workshop has been providing an opportunity for Pipeline industry professionals to collaborate and discuss common issues and progress new ideas that benefit the industry. This is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors. We thank each of our sponsors for their commitment to making this workshop successful for the last 25 years!

Your participation and visibility are a cornerstone to the innovative format of this workshop. We will provide a professional, cost-effective and rewarding sponsor experience. Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Opportunity to lend credible support to the pipeline integrity industry
  • Demonstrates commitment to innovation, continuous improvement and ongoing research
  • Exposure to new clients, customers and businesses
  • Opportunity to reconnect, engage and build relationships with customers, regulators, academic and government partners.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship of the Banff Pipeline Workshop, please contact the steering committee members Chris Judd or Tammie Matchim at sponsorship@banffpipelineworkshop.com.

Thank you, we greatly appreciate your consideration!