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The 2019 Banff Organizing Comittee is offering you the chance to win! Complete our challenge to win 2 nights at the Banff Centre, to be used anytime!

How Do You Enter?

  1. Read the Exhibitor questions posted below.
  2. Answer a minimum of 8 questions and write your answers on the card found on the back of your badge holder.
  3. Drop off your completed answer card, ensuring you’ve provided your name and contact number, at any contest poster board deposit box.
  4. The draw will be held on Friday, April 12th and the lucky winner notified.
Exhibitor Questions
Abacus Datagraphics 1. Approximately how many pipeline water crossings are there in Alberta?
2. Approximately how many pipeline breaks have occurred affecting flowing water since 1975?
3. What are three of the hydrology mapping scales used by Abacus in identifying pipeline water crossings?
Aim Land Services 1. How many First Nation and Métis communities is Aim Land Services actively engaged with?
2. What are the two environmental departments at Aim Land Services?
3. What are the 3 methods that Aim Land Services GIS department utilizes to create efficient and educated project data?
Applus+ 1. In what year was the non-destructive testing business originally founded in the Netherlands?
2. What non-destructive inspection technique did Applus+ originally pioneer?
3. What is the name of one of Applus’ latest technological developments that utilizes full matrix capture technique and produces 3D visualization of flaws allowing for enhanced defect detection and characterization?
Arnett & Burgess Pipeliners 1. What year was Arnett & Burgess founded?
2. What year was Arnett & Burgess purchased by Quanta Services Inc.?
3. What year was the Integrity department founded at Arnett & Burgess?
ASME 1. How many technical segments are in ASME?
2. How many conferences does ASME put on per year?
3. What are the locations of the  7 ASME offices? 
Baker Hughes – a GE company 1. How many km of pipeline has BHGE inspected in total?
2. Which BHGE technology can see a crack feature the size of Canadian Dime (15mm x 1mm)?
3. When did BHGE open its first inline inspection facility in Canada?
C-FER Technologies 1. What simulation method does the PIRAMID risk assessment software use?
2. What’s the most exciting new feature coming to the PIRAMID risk assessment software?
3. What does VIC stand for?
Cenozon 1. How many Kilometers of pipeline are currently managed in Cenozon’s Pipeline Integrity Risk Manager (PIRM)?
2. Cenozon’s PIRM offers applications to monitor what two natural disasters common in the WCSB?
3. What is Cenozon known for at tradeshows?
Clarion Technical Publishers 1. What city does the Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management conference take place?
2. When does the next Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum take place?
3. When are the next courses that will be held in Calgary, Alberta?
Core Linepipe 1. What is our Mechanical Joint called?
2. What is the name of our field joining equipment?
3. What process do we use to join our HDPE liner?
Critical Control 1. What is the most common flow regime in Western Canada pipelines?
2. At what oil/water ratio does flow in a pipeline transition from oil-wet to water wet?
3. What CO2/H2S ratio is used to determine a pure CO2 corrosion mechanism?
Cylo Technologies Inc. 1. What is the latest version of the CyloPipe ILI Data Management software system?
2. What is the name of the feature within CyloPipe that provides users with on-demand visualization of the surface of their pipeline?
3. How many times prior to this year has Cylo Technologies participated as an exhibiting sponsor at the Banff Pipeline Workshop?
DoC Mapping 1. How many pipeline and utility crossings did DoC Mapping survey in 2018?
2. What countries does DoC Mapping currently operate in?
3. Whats the best tool / sensor to use for Depth of Cover surveys?
Dynamic Risk 1. What is the new feature now available in Dynamic Risk’ Upstream Integrity Management Explorer Software platform?
2. What is the roll-out time frame for a standard IRAS software implementation?
3. What percentage of transmission/midstream Canadian pipeline mileage is supported by Dynamic Risk?
Echo NDE 1. What is Echo NDE’s newest Technology for inspecting pipeline risers?
2. Do Echo NDE provide full Pipeline Integrity Services?
3. What are some of Echo NDE’s Specialty Services?
Eddyfi Technologies 1. What is the name of the ultrafast one-of-a-kind alternative to MT/PT that was just launched, the one that offers a very high PoD while reducing human factor?
2. How fast can the new Spyne screening solution go?
3. The new Spyne ECA screening tool facilitates the inspectors’ work, thanks to the ability to inspect through thick coatings and its unprecedented coverage of how many inches (or mm)?
Enduro Pipeline Services Inc. 1. What does N.I.P.S stand for?
2. What does ‘DfL’ stand for?
3. What industry leading (proprietary) data analysis application does Enduro use to identify anomalies in pipelines?
Entegra 1. What does UHR stand for?
2. True or False? MFL technology can accurately detect pinholes.
3. True or False? ENTEGRA’s UHR MFL/CAL technology can accurately detect and report corrosion on the long seam.
Foxx Canada 1. Name 2 services that Foxx Canada provides?
2. What type of test can be used to detect Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in pipelines that can cause internal corrosion?
3. What is the maximum H2S concentration limit in sweet transmission pipelines under CSA Z662?
In-Line Pigging Solutions Ltd. 1. What is In-Line Pigging Solutions motto?
2. What are 3 services that In-Line Pigging Solutions provides?
3. Name 3 products that In-Line Pigging Solutions are showcasing in their booth?
Lux Modus Ltd. 1. What does Lux Modus create?
2. Can an unskilled person use Lux Modus?
3. How long is the training?
Marler Integrity Inc. 1. What is Marler’s newest piece of unique equipment in 2019?
2. What is the name of Marler’s sister line locating company?
3. What is the name of the industrial park where Marler’s new shop is located?
Meridian Surveys Ltd. 1. What year did Meridian celebrate their 50th anniversary?
2. What year was Meridian recognized as a Best Managed company? 
3. From 2013 to 2019, which historic pipeline project through Western Canada was Meridian involved in?
Midwest Surveys 1. Who founded Midwest Surveys and in which year?
2. What is our Pipeline Integrity Manager’s name?
3. How many Land Surveyors doe Midwest Surveys have?
Mobilitex Data Ltd. 1. What year was Mobiltex formed?
2. What is the Best RMU for coupon monitoring?
3. How many analogue channels will the RMU3XL support?
Measurement Sciences Inc. 1. Name three advantages of close range, high density LiDAR.
2. What are two advantages of a multi-beam echosounder vs single beam echosounder?
3. What is a cost efficient way to geometrically monitor geotechnical hazards in remote areas?
NDT Global Inc. 1. What is the diameter range NDT Global is capable of inspecting?
2. When was NDT Global founded?
3. What benefit does NDT Global’s Enhanced Sizing provide?
OneBridge Solutions Inc. 1. Name at least 4 cities our employees are located.
2. Describe how OneBridge Solutions came to inception (which company or companies did this idea evolve from)?
3. How long did Brandon (CTO) and Tim (President) spend in Seattle during the Microsoft Accelerator program?
Pipetech Corporation 1. Is there a tool that lets me look inside my pipeline?
2. Is there a system that allows me to capture my pigging data in one place?
3. What are all of the different colors of your pigs for?
PureHM 1. Which of PureHM’s technologies can be used to screen pipelines for elevated levels of stress, including geo-hazard induced stress?
2. Which inline leak detection tool can identify pin-hole leaks in pipelines running product as hot as 150° Celsius?
3. Which member of the PureHM team most resembles the nutty professor?
Quality Polly Pig 1. What are the colors of the 12” ultra disc we have on display?
2. What are we handing out for promo items?
3. What service do we provide that no other pipeline pig manufacturer in the world is capable of?
Rapid3D 1. What anniversary is Rapid3D celebrating this year?
2. What company is exhibiting alongside Rapid3D this year?
3. What do we always discuss in our Monday morning meetings?
RigStar 1. What year did Rigstar Industrial Telecom begin operations?
2. Where is Rigstar’s USA Head Office located?
3. Does Rigstar offer fibre optics along a pipeline for monitoring and communications?
SECURE 1. In 2018 SECURE took the safety of all its employees, contractors and customers to a new, proactive level through introducing our Life Saving Rules. How many are there?
2. What Pipeline Integrity Services does SECURE Energy Services provide to their clients?
3. What is the longest composite liner pull SECURE has completed to date?
Site Resources Group 1. How many mulchers do we own?
2. How many man hours did we execute in 2018?
3. What is the name of our Piling Division?
Skipper NDT 1. Skipper NDT can communicate with its clients in how many languages?
2. Why the name  “Skipper NDT” ?
3. In which scientific/technical disciplines does Skipper NDT have expertise?
Skystone International 1. Skystone/Acuren employ a cohesive team of engineers, scientists, technologists and technicians with expertise in a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines. Name 5 of those disciplines (hint: out of 8).
2. What is the name of the Skystone’s equipment used for conducting Cathodic Protection Indirect Assessments?
3. How many courses are currently offered on Skystone’s website? (http://www.skystone.ca/training/)
Stantec 1. Who is the BD person working Stantec’s booth at this conference?
2. Will you/did you attend the Stantec sponsored reception Wednesday night?  
3. Who is pictured in Stantec’s brochure?
STATS Group 1. Name an in-line isolation plugging tool offered by STATS Group?
2. Name an isolation tool that installed through a hot tap tee offered by STATS Group?
3. Name the founder of STATS Group?
T.D. Williamson 1. How long has T.D. Williamson been in business?
2. TDW has helped the industry take a dramatic leap in ILI technology with the MDS platform. What does MDS stand for?
3. Which has the greatest impact on ILI data quality?
Vanok 1. What is covered in CSA Z662 Annex E?
2. What pipelines are exempt from CSA Z662 Annex E?
3. What type of Leak Detection Technology Vanmok Offers — “Internally (CPM) based” or “Externally based”? What is the name of Leak Detection product offered?
WorleyParsons 1. Approximately how many kilometres of liquid pipeline systems has WorleyParsons designed?
2. Approximately how many kilometres of gas pipeline systems has WorleyParsons designed?
3. Approximately how much money has WorleyParsons saved its pipeline customers in TIC through documented innovation and design expertise over the last 10 years?