In addition to all the activities that take place at the Workshop, there is an expectation that achieving the objectives at the Workshop will have a positive influence after the Workshop. We could look at initiatives differently, saying to others, “What could we do together that will make what we do better?”

We hope that each delegate will take to heart the theme of this year’s Workshop, Sharing and Collaborating, and take the opportunity during the workshop, and every day thereafter, to practice the skills of Sharing and Collaborating.



To view or download the materials, please click the item in the schedule below.

                                              Opening Plenary Session

                                                    Tutorial #1: Safety Loss Management Systems for Design, Materials, and Construction Considerations

                                                    Tutorial #2: Pipeline Fundamentals

                                                    Tutorial #3: Pipeline Geohazards: Developing Expertise

                                                    Tutorial #4A: Human Factors Fundamentals & Tutorial #4B: Human Factors Approach to
                                               Incident Investigations

                                                    Tutorial #5: Blue Sky Thinking 

                                                    Tutorial #6A: ILI Technologies & Tutorial #6B: Data Management and Integration

                                                    Tutorial #7: Internal Corrosion Control: Towards Zero Incidences - Where are we?

                                                    Tutorial #8: CSA Z662-19 Oil and Gas Systems - Update

                                                    The Amazing Downhill Walk to Dinner

                                                    Working Group #1: Industry Wide Issues

                                                    Working Group #2: Regulatory and Standards Development

                                                    Working Group #3: Upstream Pipelines: Inspection, Corrosion & Integrity Management

                                                    Working Group #4: Asset Management

                                                    Working Group #5: Management of Cracking Pipelines

                                                    Working Group #6: Human Factors

                                                    Working Group #7: Pipeline Risk and Reliability Management

                                                    Working Group #8: Inspection & Monitoring

                                                    Working Group #9: External Corrosion

                                                    Working Group #10: Internal Corrosion

                                                    Working Group #11: Managing Geohazards

                                                    Working Group #12: Emergency Preparedness and Response

                                                    Closing Plenary Session