Going back two years, the theme of the 2015 workshop was “Building Trust” and the key take away from that event was that we can build trust through improving performance, perception and transparency - the obvious way to achieve that would be by “raising the bar”, which was the theme of this year’s workshop.

The take home message from this year’s workshop is that we must raise the bar in all aspects of our pipeline industry. We must understand the gaps better, develop technology, have transparency in communication, share knowledge, improve standards and most importantly work together to make the pipeline industry a
model to follow.



To view or download the materials, please click the item in the schedule below.

                                                    Opening Plenary Session - Raising the Bar


                                                    The Amazing Downhill Walk to Dinner

                                                    Working Group #1: Industry Wide Issues

                                                    Working Group #2: Regulatory and Standards Development

                                                    Working Group #3: Upstream Pipelines: Inspection, Corrosion & Integrity Management

                                                    Working Group #4: Asset Management

                                                    Working Group #5: Management of Cracking Pipelines

                                                    Working Group #6: Human Factors

                                                    Working Group #7: Pipeline Risk Management

                                                    Working Group #8: Inspection & Monitoring

                                                    Working Group #9: External Corrosion

                                                    Working Group #10: Internal Corrosion

                                                    Working Group #11: Managing Geohazards

                                                    Working Group #12: Emergency Preparedness

                                                    Closing Plenary Session - Raising the Bar