Sponsorship FAQ

  1. Is there any limit to the quantity of the Mount Rundle and Three Sisters packages?
    There is no limit to the Mount Rundle package. The Three Sisters package delivers on video content that is intended to be programmed into the overall agenda. The quantity available will be driven by the response we get on this package and we will communicate that leading up to the event.
  2. Do sponsors need to set-up their own virtual booth?
    Our production team would work with the lead sponsor contact(s) to activate their virtual booth. We will be providing a template that will help guide what information, content and digital assets are required to fill out the virtual booth. All file formats and requirements will be outlined. It will be the sponsors responsibility to provide the information, content and digital assets – but our team will take that and input into the virtual booth for your review.
  3.  What are best practices when hosting an on-line virtual booth?
    A virtual sponsor booth is an opportunity to connect and engage with the event attendees. Similarly, to an in-person booth, it is up to the sponsor to designate representatives to attend to the booth during hours of operation. Virtual booths feature 1:1 meeting request, downloadable documents (like pamphlets or info sheets), videos/photos, etc. In a virtual environment, hosting demos or activities is a great way to engage your audience.
  4. Will sponsors receive a demo on how to operate the virtual sponsor booth?
    Yes, during the lead-up to the event, sponsors will have the opportunity to review the information, content and assets inputted into the virtual booth – at this time, we will demonstrate how to operation the functions within the booth during the live virtual event. Date to be announced.
  5. Is there a difference between exhibitors and sponsors?
    There is no classification of “exhibitor” this year but there will be a virtual space for all virtual booths (available in the Mount Rundle and Three Sisters packages). There are numerous a la carte sponsorship offerings available where you will get sponsor exposure in the programming depending on the selected sponsor opportunity.
  6. If I select one of the additional sponsor offerings, do I get a virtual sponsor booth?
    No, the virtual sponsor booth is only available to the Mount Rundle and Three Sisters package purchasers.
  7. How do I participate in the Sponsor Hosted Experience Open House?
    You will need to first purchase a Three Sisters sponsorship. You will have the opportunity to host a demo or elevated experience for your virtual booth attendees. Our production team is happy to assist in brainstorming options that would appeal to your targeted audience. We will be posting an agenda of which sponsor is hosting what experience in their virtual booth for the Open House. It will be your responsibility to promote this experience further.
  8. I am interested in being a Digital Registration Kit Sponsor but there is no cost associated – how does this work?
    We have left this cost variable for a reason. We will work with each Digital Registration Kit Sponsor to determine what digital inclusion they want to contribute. Examples of digital items include Amazon gift cards, Banff Center Reduced Rate Vouchers, YETI product gift cards, vouchers to Lake Louise Ski Resort, subscriptions to Mountain Life Magazine, etc. We will determine what’s feasible within your budget and brand it accordingly to include in the overall Digital Registration Kit.
  9. What is the deadline to sign-up for sponsorships?
    Deadline to sign-up for anything that involves production is March 5, 2021 (this includes Three Sisters, Extended Thought Leader Video Content sponsors, Flash Talk sponsors, Sponsored Tutorials, Social Event sponsors and Lunch sponsors). We would work towards collecting assets from each sponsor and working on their production pieces - this deadline gives us a month to work on production and build their virtual booths in time for the event April 6, 2021.
  10. When do I need to submit my virtual booth assets/info?
    Deadline to submit virtual booth assets and info is March 8, 2021 - after this date, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fully develop your virtual booth.
  11. What does remote production assistance entail for the Three Sisters package Thought-Leader Video and the Extended Thought-Leader video sponsorship?
    The production team would provide a questionnaire that will guide you through the process of developing your content/messaging/script (this will predominately be driven by you - the sponsor, but we can provide a framework) and then we would help execute a guided self-recording to record your 30-60 second OR 2-minute Thought-Leader video. Once recorded, we will edit the video, collect your feedback and produce the final cut.
  12. I am having trouble processing payment, what do I do?
    Please contact us at sponsorship@banffpipelineworkshop.com and we will escalate your payment processing issues.
  13. What event platform is the event hosted on?
    The event platform is powered by Swoogo, a popular event site, selected based on the needs and requirements of this particular conference.