WG 2 Session C - A Risk-Consistent Safety Class System
Date & Time
Monday, April 12, 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Building on the tutorial on Safety Class Systems, this session will provide a panel discussion on a whole new approach to class location changes for implementation into future editions of CSA Z662. Six pipeline safety classes have been defined and an approach to assign a safety class to any individual pipeline has been developed. To ensure risk consistency, the safety class assignment is based on the line attributes that control failure consequences, including diameter, pressure and population density for gas pipelines, and diameter and site sensitivity for LVP liquid pipelines. The safety class system is proposed as a replacement to the current class location system in CSA Z662-15.

  • Overview of Safety Class Systems – brief overview on the principles of safety classes and how this system aligns with hoop stress safety factors and other methodologies such as currently described in CSA Z662 Annex C and Annex O (CFER, Maher Nessim).
  • Industry perspective on potential impact of implementation of the Safety Class System (TBD, Industry)
  • How would CSA Z662 deal with the impact of such changes? (TBD, Industry)
  • Q&A period for panelists
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