WG 2 Session A - Class Location Changes: Regulatory Expectations and Impact of Standards
Date & Time
Thursday, April 8, 2021, 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM


This session will follow up from the 2019 workshop on class location changes in CSA Z662, provides a panel discussion on impacts to industry, updates on regulatory expectations, and the role of CSA Z663, and highlights how industry can apply standards to meet regulatory obligations.

  • Impact of Class Location Changes – brief overview of the impact of Z662-2019 class location changes on industry and CER expectations with regards to filing class location changes.
    • Regulatory expectations on class locations (CER)
    • Z662-2019 class location changes and the overall impact on industry (Industry, TBD)
  • Highlight and use of CSA Z663 – brief overview of CSA Z663 and example case study on how industry can meet regulatory obligations through implementation and use of standards
    • Highlights of CSA Z663 (TBD)
    • Proactive Planning - Implementing Z663 and Z662 (TBD, Proactive Planning)
  • Q&A period for panelists
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Working Group 2