MAIN STAGE | Welcome Address & Chris Turner Keynote - "Tracking the Global Energy Transition"

Welcome Address
Steering Committee members Dennis Zadery and Stephanie Tracy welcome you to the opening of the virtual edition of the Banff Pipeline Workshop 2021!

Keynote Speaker: CHRIS TURNER
 “Tracking the Global Energy Transition”

As one of Canada’s most authoritative voices on the global energy transition, Chris Turner will provide an overview of the transition to low-carbon energy worldwide and the challenges and opportunities it presents for the pipeline industry. This presentation will discuss: 
   ◊ The emergence of climate change as a bottom-line priority
   ◊ The influence of the pandemic
   ◊ Opportunities in the fast-growing clean energy economy (including the impact of hydrogen and other new fuel sources)
A singularly difficult year is behind us and an uncertain road lies ahead. This presentation will aim to chart a hopeful course for the brightening horizon in the global energy industry.