Registration for the 16th Banff Pipeline Workshop is Now Open!


We’re excited to move forward with a virtual event for the 2021 Workshop with plenty of opportunities for collaboration and networking. 
The Banff Pipeline Workshop is an interactive forum that brings pipeline industry members, regulators, academics, and vendors together to share their knowledge and experience and exchange ideas on how best to address challenges the industry faces. The outcomes are a better understanding of issues and technology resulting in increased motivation, innovation, and creativity as we move forward.


Join us for the 2021 Banff Pipeline Workshop – Building and Maintaining Competence – April 6 - 15, 2021!


Banff Pipeline Workshop 2021 will be using web based applications to deliver the event with the primary technologies used including Zoom, Swoogo, and Vimeo. Those registering should be aware of the use of third party platforms as some organizations may limit access to some platforms. The best
viewing experience is via the Google Chrome Browser. You may also use the Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers as alternatives.
Browsers that are not compatible: Internet Explorer, Safari.

All sessions are delivered through the free video-conferencing software Zoom. To participate in a Zoom session, attendees will need an internet connection
and sufficient bandwidth. For the best Zoom experience, attendees are encouraged to
download Zoom onto a laptop or desktop computer,
however it is still possible to join the meeting through a browser.

If you are experiencing an issue with the third party technologies used during Banff Pipeline Workshop 2021, please click on the IT Chat bubble at the bottom of your screen to speak with a live representative.