The Banff Pipeline Workshop Steering Committee is eager to share the news that the 2021 Workshop is moving full steam ahead as a virtual event - a virtual event like no other!

We have exciting sponsorship opportunities to offer you; ones that we know will provide amazing value. Our virtual platform will showcase your company with event specific digital content that will be effective and powerfully messaged to reach your targeted audience. Our game changing ideas will connect you to the audience at the Banff Pipeline Workshop in multiple ways.



Each sponsoring company is highlighted in several ways raising your profile with attendees. We will provide a professional, cost-effective and rewarding sponsor experience. Be a part of this innovative format where benefits include:

  • Marketing through professionally recorded and scheduled video clips during the workshop; you own the clip for your own use.
  • Networking opportunities with attendees.
  • Logo visibility.
  • Recognition as an industry leader.
  • Visible commitment to innovation, continuous improvement and ongoing research.
  • Exposure to new clients, customers and businesses leading to potential sales.
  • Opportunity to reconnect, engage and build relationships with customers, regulators, academic and government partners.
  • Opportunity to lend credible support to the pipeline integrity industry.


Once you’ve reviewed our sponsorship opportunities below, click on Purchase Sponsorship to complete your purchase. Select from the pre-packaged options, or contact us to discuss any creative ideas you may have. Sponsorship registration closes on March 5, 2021.

The Banff Pipeline Workshop is the hub for pipeline industry professionals to gather, collaborate, discuss common issues and progress ideas benefiting the industry overall. Sponsors help make this happen. Thank you to each of our sponsors for their commitment to making this workshop successful for the last 27 years!


Many regards,

Banff Pipeline Workshop Steering Committee











The exhibitor Mount Rundle level package will include the following sponsor benefits:

  • Conference Registration (1) to the 2021 Banff Pipeline Workshop
  • Strategic Logo placement on
    • Banff Pipeline Workshop website event
    • Program agenda
    • All registration communications (emails etc.)
    • Featured on the virtual feed and in several rotating banners throughout the course of the event
  • Virtual Expo Booth
    • Inclusive of production support for design build into platform
  • Question Card prompting discussion around a key theme or position for your company. These will be included in social  media and email drips during lead-up, and featured as part of compilations. This is also a takeaway, which you can use on your own
  • Sponsorship Award designation in the  form of a digital accolade for brand’s usage






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The comprehensive Three Sisters level package includes Mount Rundle package benefits with these following additional sponsor benefits:

  • Conference Registration (2) for a total of (3) registrations to the 2021 Banff  Pipeline Workshop
  • Branded Thought Leader Video content: This is an opportunity for sponsors to celebrate and highlight innovations and solutions that showcase how your company contributes to bettering the pipeline industry. 
    • 30 - 60 seconds in length
    • Branded for event with message aligned to event content theme.  
    • Reusable for all sponsor social platforms
    • Includes consultation on messaging, and remote production assistance  
    • Extended video (2 minutes) – additional $3,000
  • Sponsor Hosted Experience Open House: Live demo or scheduled event opportunity
    • As part of day one in the main agenda, following the featured programming, we have inserted a Sponsor Hosted Experience Open House where guests can break out into visiting sponsor booths. This 60-minutes is a scheduled special event for all Three Sisters sponsors to host an elevated experience such as a live product demo or feature talk. 
    • Experience enhancements can be added, at cost, for example a cocktail hour with professional mixologist, a custom stand-up comedy hour, personalized character artist’s rendering of guests visiting your booth, gamification activities, etc. Sponsors can bring their creativity to engage further with attendees.
  • Dedicated matchmaking concierge:
    • Once registration opens, Three Sisters Sponsors will receive an updated participant list every two weeks. Sponsors can identify who they would like some scheduled 1:1 and may proceed to make the overture and schedule in a meeting



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  • 2 minute sponsor & BPW branded content played in front of notable programming
  • Custom-produced content
    • Includes consultation on messaging, scripting, direction, and remote production assistance
    • By selecting this option, cost accounts for a 2 minute video – if length of video exceeds 2 minutes or extra production features (i.e. B-Roll) may incur additional production fees


Purchase sponsorship
limit of 3 available


$2,000 + VAR

  • To be sent via email to all attendees prior to the live virtual event day in a digital package
  • Cost is to be determined upon sign-up as you would be responsible for the cost of what digital voucher you'd like to include in the kit + $2,000 sponsorship towards the event
  • This would include applying your logo to the item and packaged in a digital package to all attendees
  • Sponsor recognition of all Digital Registration Kit sponsors would be announced in the "Know Before You Go" information kit to all attendees
  • Examples of digital items include Amazon gift cards, Banff Center Reduced Rate Vouchers, YETI product gift cards, vouchers to Lake Louise Ski Resort, subscriptions to Mountain Life Magazine, etc. We would work with you to determine what you’d like to include



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  • 5 minute sposor & BPW branded video content played in front of key programming such as Launch Day and Summary Day
    • Custom-produced content (educational/informative type of content)
      • Includes consultation on messaging, scripting, direction, and remote production assistance
      • Production includes integration of slideshow/video provided by sponsor
      • Sponsor logo placed on lower thirds of the video


Purchase sponsorship
limit of 2 available



  • Sponsor receives 2 minute pre-recorded opening remark to introduce the tutorial and kick off that session.
  • Sponsor logo on screen during the session





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limit of 8 available



Brands resonate through experiences. Elevate the experience with some fun and entertainment. A custom branded photo booth, virtual trivia, a virtual mixology class

  • 5 minute address to audience in custom video to kick off  networking
  • Live background music with sponsor logo in lower thirds
  • Production support to create branded experiential enhancement








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limit of 3 available



  • 5 minute luncheon address to audience in custom video to kick off  event
  • Sponsor logo in lower thirds
  • Includes production support and creative design to schedule engaging programming to continue over lunch

Examples of programming or experiential enhancements include:

  • Food delivery gift certificates to “buy lunch” for the attendees
  • Entertainment; Speakers or podcasts, Live music
  • Yoga instructor to reinvigorate the attendees
  • Experiences guided by Sponsor; bring your imagination



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limit of 2 available