The Banff Pipeline Workshop is a biennial forum on managing pipeline integrity. Launched in 1993 with 65 participants, the workshop has grown over the decades to become the hub for more than 1000 participants, including leaders in the pipeline industry as well as regulators, academics, and vendors.

As the leading event for pipeline infrastructure, the Banff Pipeline Workshop aims to:

  • Provide an interactive forum to discuss best practices for management of pipeline integrity, safety and risk
  • Encourage coordinated efforts to tackle shared challenges
  • Enable shared learnings and shared experience related to the full lifecycle of pipeline management
  • Provide a platform to discuss state-of-the art technologies
  • Address knowledge gaps through identifying R&D initiatives
  • Promote sharing and exchange of information through formation of pipeline industry communication networks
  • Advance standards used in the pipeline industry

Banff Pipeline Workshop 2021: Building and Maintaining Competence

The theme this year, Building and Maintaining Competence, will focus the Workshop on enhancing pipeline integrity, safety, and risk.

Held virtually for the first time, the Workshop will feature sessions that are relevant for both upstream and downstream stakeholders of the pipeline industry. Participants will have the opportunity to bolster their technical knowledge through four tutorials presented by subject matter experts. And with twelve working groups, all key aspects of the pipeline lifecycle will be discussed.

Participants will leave the Banff Pipeline Workshop 2021 with a deeper understanding of gaps, a collaborative spirit for solutions, and a strengthened resolve to make the pipeline industry a model to follow.