This working group provides participants with:

  •   Alternate ways of thinking about common "factoids" within the External Corrosion industry
  •   Challenges to long standing belief structures related to frequently observed CP phenomenon
  •   An exploration of the concept of observability as it relates the collection of cathodic protection field data


Expected Results:

  •   Encourage participants to question long standing beliefs within the External Corrosion industry
  •   Drive positive change as the CP industry matures over time
  •   Provide session attendees with appreciation of the statement "good decisions made on bad data, are bad decision you don't          know about yet - Scott Taylor”, as it relates to current challenges in the External Corrosion industry
  •   Receive feedback from the audience on the impacts of strategy changes on industry
  •   Provide an opportunity for audience members to connect with practitioners, policy makers and change leaders within our            industry

Who Should Attend?

This session should be attended by integrity professionals, persons involved in the application of Cathodic Protection, industry professionals and integrity managers.


  • Corey Kruchkowski – Western Pipeline Compliance
  • Paul Murray - Enbridge