The working group will introduce the new stream entitled Human and Organizational Performance (HOP). Pipeline systems and operational activities continue to evolve in complexity. As a result, industry members may benefit from additional tools to help understand these complexities and related risks. Systems thinking and the application of HOP principles provide opportunities for enhanced organizational sight, understanding, and learning. HOP, as a discipline, provides an additional lens to traditional hazard identification, risk management, and problem solving efforts.

Expected Results

  • The audience will be introduced to human and organizational performance as a broad discipline that can inform decision making and be leveraged to build a learning organization;
  • The audience will understand key principles of human and organizational performance in high hazard industries and the potential application of these principles in the pipeline context; and
  • Discussion will explore the application of these principles in real world scenarios and the potential impact when applied to today’s pipeline industry challenges.


Who Should Attend?
This session should be attended by anyone interested in developing and sustaining a robust culture of safety, which is based upon effective risk management, organizational learning and continual improvement (regardless of their specific operational function, position, or role).



  • Heather Kahle – WorksafeBC
  • Claudine Bradley – Canada Energy Regulator