The purpose of this working group is to explore areas of need for establishing, advancing, or advocating for Facility Integrity Management with the aim of identifying tangible and practical initiatives for ongoing industry collaboration.

Expected Results

  • Discuss the challenges in the Facility Integrity and define a risk prioritized list of opportunities, supported by a business case, to improve facilities integrity management practices.
  • Discuss the challenges that owner operators and inspection vendors are facing with developing the inspection technologies used in the facilities and identify potential solutions to address these challenges.
  • Establish an ongoing, industry-wide dialogue among FIMP practitioners and experts to share advice and come up with solutions to common challenges that can be implemented by operators or brought forward to research bodies or standards organizations.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, engineers, and any persons or program leaders with the responsibility for facility integrity assessment, inspection, maintenance, or regulation associated with Facilities Integrity Management.


  • Bedokt Farbod – Enbridge Gas Distribution & Storage